Wellworth Fuel Fix RX

Wellworth Fuel Fix RX
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Prevents Ethanol Fuel Phase Separation
Fuel Fix Rx is the all-season hi-tech treatment and conditioner that eliminates the harmful effects of water contamination in all 2 and 4 cycle engines!

Fuel Fix Rx is an organic-based, powerful fuel system stabilizer and cleaner, that helps prevent ethanol fuel phase separation. It improves fuel efficiency, increases power, reduces emissions and reduces engine wear. 

This powerful multi-purpose formula dissolves gum, varnish and carbon diposits that distort fuel injector spray patterns and damage-delicate injector and pump components.

Fuel Fix Rx contains no harmful alcohols or emulsifiers and allows your engine to operate with full power and efficiency.For Gas, Diesel and LPG Engines
e-Flush engine oil cleaner improves engine performance in just one treatment. Concentrated formula safely flushes sludge, varnish deposits and contaminants from oil passages, screens, hydraulic lifters, rocer arms and other critical engine parts.

Crankcase deposits are safely dissolved, suspended and removed with the old oil. Restores lubrication lost to deposits with just one application. Can be used alone or with an engine flush machine.

• Extends engine life
• Improves fuel economy
• Helps reduce emissions

Also available in 32oz. and 1 Gallon sizes. Call for pricing.

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